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Comodo Time Machine 2.8.155286.178 + RU

2012-08-29 20:08:17

Comodo Time Machine 2.8.155286.178 + RU

Comodo Time Machine - это бесплатная программа для отката системы, абсолютный аналог таких замечательных программ, как Roll Back RX и Eaz Fix. Программа поможет защитить ваш компьютер от сбоя, неправильно установленного драйвера, поражения любым вирусом, и вернуть обратно исправную систему за считанные минуты, не влияет на производительность и при этом позволяет без перезагрузки сделать автоматически или вручную менее чем за 3 секунды полный снимок системы, в любой из которых вы можете быстро вернуться или вернуть из них утерянные или разрушенные данные.


* Easy to use - even beginners can quickly create system snapshots with a few mouse clicks
* Provides instant and comprehensive system recovery after virus or spyware infections
* Instantly reclaim your machine after devastating system crashes
* Rollback the changes to ALL your documents - not just changes to system files and the registry
* Boot-up console allows you to rollback even when your system will not boot to Windows
* Test new software and network configurations in the knowledge that you can quickly switch back if problems develop
* Completely remove unwanted software installations without the need to uninstall or clean the registry
* Flexible restore options allow you to mount and browse snapshots to recover individual files or folders
* Right click on any file or folder to synchronize it with a snapshot version
* Schedule regular system snapshots to ensure highly relevant restore points
* Network administrators have another way to quickly fix user or software problems
* Libraries, Internet cafes and other publicly shared networks can schedule a total system restore at the end of each session

What's new:

- FIXED! System occasionally fails to start up if operating system is installed on 2nd hard disk.
- FIXED! Solved all problems of Windows Hibernation.
- FIXED! Failed to install CTM when system partition is NTFS format.
- FIXED! Failed to Reset Baseline when write much data in some special environments.
- FIXED! "Delayed write failed." prompted when free space is very low.
- FIXED! Failed to startup after update.
- FIXED! Disable Windows defrag feature. CTM is incompatible with Windows 7's Defrag.
- FIXED! More than 30 GUI bugs.
- IMPROVED! Added automatic checking for updates feature.
- IMPROVED! Compatibility of installation.
- IMPROVED! Pass driver verifier verification.

Автор: Comodo
Обновлено: 2011
Цена: Free
Язык: англ._русский
ОС: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Размер (rar): 15.2 МБ
Оф. сайт: orage-encryption/data-recovery .php


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