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Ashampoo HDD Control 1.10

2012-08-29 20:08:04

Ashampoo HDD Control 1.10

Ashampoo HDD Control программное обеспечение для контроля за состоянием Вашего жесткого диска. Выполняет обслуживание жесткого диска для Вас. Позволяет предотвратить потенциальные отказы и аварии прежде, чем они произойдут. Программное обеспечение поддерживает жёсткие диски типа IDE и последовательные ATA. Ashampoo HDD Control предоставляет пользователю все важные факты и информацию о дисководе, включая регистрационный номер , версию БИОСА(прошивки), размер кэша, количество разделов, на которые разбит хард, свободном месте на диске и текущей температуре. Если Вы не около своего компьютера, программа может быть настроена так, чтобы вовремя уведомить Вас относительно потенциальной тревоги по электронной почте. В итоговом отчете программа также предоставляет информацию о здоровье и работе жесткого диска, показанного в процентах. В течение долгого времени, постоянно растущее число нежелательных и ненужных файлов накапливаются на Вашем жестком диске, и Ashampoo HDD Control является полезным инструментом, чтобы помочь Вам определить местонахождение таковых и удалить эти файлы. Если доступного места недостаточно, программа может дефрагментировать Ваш хард, причем намного эффективнее стандартного Windows-дефрагментатора.


The Ashampoo HDD Control software performs hard disk maintenance for you. This involves taking measures to prevent potential failures and crashes before they occur. Towards this end, the program combines several functions available for the first time in this particular configuration. The software supports all commonly available IDE and serial ATA drives. Based on the type of drive in use, Ashampoo HDD Control provides the user with all important facts and information, including the drive serial number, firmware version, cache size, number of configured partitions, drive space and current temperature. As the number of signs indicating that the drive could soon potentially fail begins to mount, the background guard signals an alarm. If you are not near your computer, the program can be set up to notify you of the alert by email. In the final report, the program also provides information on the health and performance of the hard drive shown in percentages. Over time, an ever-growing number of unwanted and unneeded files accumulate on your hard drive and Ashampoo HDD Control is a useful tool to help you locate and delete these files. If not enough space is available to store the complete file in this space, it is broken up into fragments. Windows in turn saves these at different locations on the hard drive in order to make best use of the available gaps. For this reason, it is easy to understand why the computer takes longer to read the file, since it first of all needs to locate and assemble all the separate fragments.







Here are some key features of "Ashampoo HDD Control":


Basic functions:

· Information on serial numbers, firmware, cache, bad sectors on your hard disk(s)

· Background guard continuously monitors status, performance and temperature

· In-depth explanations and information on context-sensitive help

· Displays all current SMART files with detailed explanations

· Able to export reports for support purposes

· Fully configurable temperature monitoring available in Celsius and Fahrenheit

· Option to automatically save all incidents in separate log

· Simple controls and GUI including color schemes

· Easy and automatic software updates



· Powerful, high-speed disk clean-up

· Objects found can be configured and managed in shortcut menus

· Objects found can be managed using intelligent filter mechanisms

· New exception rules can be created manually or automatically

· Supports the latest generation of browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)

· Wide range of options to customize configuration to meet user requirements

· High level of security thanks to years of experience and advanced cookie management






· High-quality defragmentation performed to latest standards

· Fully automatic ‘proactive’ defragmentation runs in background

· Defragmentation algorithm with minimum impact on system performance

· Range of defragmentation options (fast, normal, intelligent)

· Parallel defragmentation of all drives and/or partitions

· Comprehensive configuration and customization options


· Monitoring

· Self-monitoring, analysis, status reports on imminent failures

· Evaluation of health and performance status of your hard drive(s)

· Range of evaluation criteria available for customized configuration

· Email alerts to notify user that condition of hard drive(s) has deteriorated and failure is imminent

· Direct link to Windows event log

S.M.A.R.T. technology provides information on (if supported by drive):

· Number of hours in operation and start-up processes

· Error rate during positioning

· Start/stop processes of drive heads

· Number of parking sequences for write/read units

· Disk calibration attempts

· Reallocations (in event of bad disk sectors)

· Controller hard drive transfer rate (defective cable)

· And many more

· Temperature display including early warning of overheating



· Identifies all values required to evaluate the performance of your hard drive(s)

· Clearly structured GUI for performance evaluation (benchmark)

· Online database link for direct comparison of your results with other systems

Clear presentation of information and values on:

· min./max. data transfer rates

· average data transfer rates

· access times




· At least a minimum of 128 MB RAM should be available on your system.

· 10 MB hard disk space.

· Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is required.

· Full administrative rights are required to use the program.


ОС: Windows XP/Vista/7

Язык: English/Рус

Размер: 11.5 Мб

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